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Text-sound as a description for an already existing practice was coined in 1967 in Sweden where, in the very early 1950s concrete poetry had been grounded - or rediscovered, the futurists had already covered much of the ground - but the context was new and soon a combination of Musique Concrete, radio and magnetic tape added broad new dimensions to experiments with text and the human voice. A group of Swedish poets ands electronic composers, the Swedish national radio and the Fylkingen studio were central to the evolution of this genre, as was Henri Chopin in France and his magazine OU (founded 1964). These pieces, by Lars Gunnar Bodin, Ilmar Laaban, Sten Hanson, Ake Hodell and Bengt Emil Johnson cover the period from 1967 - 1986, with a preponderance of early pieces. Voices are used variously musically, emotionally and to deliver text; electronics are either strongly present or hardly present at all. Sven Hanson is unusual in this whole history in that that he approached head-on the jugular of erotic reflex (the remnants of a taboo repeatedly challenged in the late '60s, but not so blatantly as this and not in 'serious' music - though this was Sweden after all). A useful overview, a lot of very interesting material and an invaluable companion to the OU box.