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From the luminous Festival of Mictrotonal Music; we are off the map here. This is what the most experimental rock group you ever heard would sound like if the context weren't a contemporary music festival. But director Reinhard's scope is so wide that the categories have collapsed (as in fact at the fringes of the old genres, once segregated genres, they have anyway). His is a catholic understanding of music with its doors wide open - so long as the investigation of microtonalities, close composition and alternative tunings are set at centre stage. Catler - a guitarist who plays specially designed acoustic and electric guitars in just intonation, 31 tone and 64 tone tunings, as well as wholly unfretted - has composed a set of pieces here that range from four or five piece rock band (with bassoon) for many pieces, to small and large contemporary music ensembles. Apart from guitars, instrumentation includes hammer dulcimer, fretless bass, electric bassoon, drums, viola, cello, double bass, oboe, trumpet, tympani and tuba. The piece for electric guitar and orchestra, written in ' 13 limit just intonation' unfolds an overtone structure. The music is never less than ear-opening. In a genre of its own.