BRYARS, GAVIN: The Marvellous Aphorisms of Gavin Bryars: The Early Years

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Composed between 1969 and1971, when Bryars was working with ideas from Cage, Fluxus, free improvisation and experimentalism. There are 4 compositions here: Pre-Mediaeval Metrics for guitar and saxophone, a graphic score, Made in Hong Kong, for mechanical toys, 1, 2, 1-2-3-4, for ensemble: the musicians all listen to the same cassette (a new technology then), and ignore one another, improvising along with what they hear (Beatles songs). The cassettes slowly get out of synch, The Squirrel and The Ricketty Racketty Bridge, written for Derek Bailey. The performer has to play two guitars simultaneously, placed flat on their backs, hammering on and off. These are all new recordings with sleeve notes by Bryars.