MUSICWORKS: 100 (CD+Magazine)

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30th Anniversary Issue of this important Canadian artmusic magazine.In the Magazine: Dianne Labrosse; John Cage and MArcel Duchamp; an interesting interview with Jem Finer including an overview of his recent work; an article about spatialisation in performance, and the usual reviews and essays.On the CD: Diane Labrrosse - great pieces, with Bernard Falaise, or Jean Derome and Pierre Tanguay, or Michel F.Cote. Six pieces by Jem Finer, one, rich and deep, for modified banjo, one for cosmic radio signals blasted in a confined space at excessively high volume, 'Longplayer' - an extract from his much cited and very persuasive 1000-year long piece of suspended pitches, and bells; and three time- and site- specific recordings of an installation based on falling water and underground resonant chambers (all dealt with at length in the magazine); Jordan Nobles offers a recording of a spatialised performance piece (in the Henry Brant sense of groups and individuals distributed in space around the public, but with a Xenakis-like relation to chaotic dispersion) that moves from pointillistic to very dense. Mitchell Akiyama montages performance and field recordings, mostly rather somnolent and drone-y, finally, Tasman Richardson's Fantasycore is a short pluderpiece of beats and loops that seems rather pointless to me. Overall, however, an excellent CD and worth the price of the whole.