DADA: & la Musique

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A charming selection of 27 relevant short pieces from many hands: Erik Satie - including non-piano works 'Fanfare for waking the great King of the Monkeys', the great 'Cinema' soundtrack for Rene Clair's 'Entracte', and Embryons desseches, this a world premiere recording, Arthur Honneger (furniture music), Arnold Schoenberg, Francis Poulenc, George Antheil (a rare 1925 recording abstract from the Ballet Mechanique!), Daruis Milhaud, Cyril Scott, Erwin Schulhof (rarely recorded), Germaine Albert-Birot and pieces by Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara, Jean Arp and Max Ernst (delivered by Sonja Neuman), with original recordings of Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Haussmann and Marinetti. Nicely programmed, great to listen to and well documented.