BERIO, LUCIANO: The complete sequenzas and works for solo instruments. (4 CDs & book)

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In the Sequenzas, composed over several decades, Berio explored new techniques and new sounds coaxed from conventional instruments.This is the first complete recording the whole sequence, and includes the world premiere of Sequenza XIV for cello. Plus the first complete recording of the alternative Sequenzas (arrangements by Berio for different instruments). Plus all of Berio's works for solo instruments. In all, explorations of the limits of flute, female voice, piano, trombone, viola, oboe, violin, clarinet, alto saxophone, guitar, bassoon, accordion, cello and trumpet in C with piano resonance. The alternates: cello, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and contrabass. Other solo works for harpsichord, recorder, organ, cello, clarinet, e-flat clarinet, contrabass and trumpet. All performed by major virtuosi, these are key works of C20 repertoire. Comes with 104-page book of extensive notes and biographical information in a deluxe slipcase.