DUCHAMP, MARCEL: Musical Erratum + In Conversation

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Two new versions of Duchamp's  Musical Erratum - a pair of prescient scores that date from 1913 and form part of the preparatory work for 'The Great Glass'. In one, notes are replaced by numbered keys, and virtuoso performance is discouraged in favour of novel mechanical instrumentation (in this interpretation using spinning rotary discs and open piano strings). The other, a chance composition (38 years in advance of his later friend Cage) Duchamp's used numbered balls and a toy train in motion in its composition is played on a standard piano. This 74 minute CD also includes four spoken word extracts by Duchamp - in English -, including his important Houston lecture, The Creative Act' (1957), earlier released by Sub Rosa but for many years out of print, 2 lengthy interviews from 1959, and a reading by Duchamp of 'A l'infinitif'. The two musical pieces are excellently interpreted and recorded. The spoken word is simply indispensible.