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Long overdue reissue of 2 very rare Folkways LPs. These are that rare commodity, politically explicit music, and rarer - they are complex and experimental music. Billed as electronic at the time (1968-1972) these seminal compositions mix electronics, Musique Concréte, multiple media fragments, vocal and instrumental sources to powerful effect; underwriting a freshness and immediacy seldom found in this field (Trevor Wishart honourably excepted). These are not polished gems but living, twisting things; which is not to say they are simple - their form is highly evolved and sophisticated, exploring techniques that would not be taken up for a decade and more. Soaked in the heat of its time and as full of ideas as if that time might end at any moment - this work pulls absolutely no punches. We need a Mimarolglu right now. Historic, and unequivocally recommended.