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Elaborately packaged with an almost transparent CD (not sure how they achieved that) containing 7 audio tracks, one interactive track (Mac & PC) and an MPG movie. Christina Kubisch is one of the names that always comes up when SoundArt is the topic of conversation. - so these CDs don't contain 'music', that is to say, melodic, rhythmic or linear structure (though I would say they are a lot more musical than much of today's sonic release menu) so much as invoking atmospheres formed of te complex overlappings and interweavings of tones. The movie is especially welcome since it explains what these sounds are for, how they are encountered in the installation for which they were made, and how they relate to the landscape in which they were intended to be heard. Altogether useful document in particular because it restores some sense of place to work that is always site specific but usually presented in recordings devoid of the context that gives them power.