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A rarity. Kirchin made jazz recordings 50 years ago and then suddenly two experimental LPs in the '60's - more referred to by the few than heard - otherwise only rumours, footnotes circulated. But he was a pioneer, and the marks pioneers make persist, as this recovered recording - thanks to Jonny Trunk, one of those specialists who went looking and found, not only the author, but unreleased work -demonstrates. Subtitled ' A journey through sound' and made between 67 and 71, this mixes, in a coherent but highly abstract way, environmental recordings (insects to trams), instruments (inc. sax - evan parker -, flugelhorn, marimaba, whistles, rock guitar, bassoon), histrionics, voices and swathes of sound into an evolving drama. Absolutely not dated; it still falls between all styles and boundaries into a fascinating sonic no man's land. Historic and a milestone.