KUBISCH, CHRISTINA: Five Electrical Walks

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In recent years Christina has organised a number of Electrical walks in various cities around the world. The walker is supplied with customised wireless headphones which pick up and make audible the electromagnetic fields generated by light systems, radar, surveillance and alarm systems, neon, public transport networks, cellphones, the internet, ATM machines, Wi-fi - and so on: a sea of normally inaudible data through which we constantly wade, oblivious to its restless chatter. The walker also has a street map with a suggested route and listening points. The CD is a composite in 5 parts of several such walks in Birmingham, Chicago, Teipei, Paris, Bremen, Riga, Tokyo, Madrid, London, New York and Berlin, each concentrating on particular kinds of sounds or environments. A vast range of pulses, roars, hums, buzzes, thin siren tones and rich chords creating rhythms, drones and shifting colours. These are the soundscapes we never hear. But here they are.