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Two complete CDs from this remarkable and unique American national public radio sound-documentary programme. Includes: Sam Phillips and many others speaking about the early days of the Memphis Recording Service - from funerals and weddings through black R 'n B and Blues to early Presley; 'Electronic Memories', about the technological leanings and sound recordings made by black American photographer R.A Coleman in the middle of the last century; Sofia, Francis & Eleanor Coppola chat for posterity; Mohawk Indian steelworkers (famed for their ability to handle heights, and their work on New York's great skyscrapers) speak about their lives, and about putting up, and clearing away, the ruins of the twin towers; a remarkable history of steelband music and the experiences of the Tripoli Steelband, on tour in America for two years under the wing of Liberace; a portrait of the artist as an answering machine (stunning); voices from the dustbowl - historic recordings, spoken and sung, collected in 1940 for the library of congress); the soundscape of electric fans; Harry Truman opens a mall, not what you expect; CKLW - a portrait of top 40 AM radio, and Vietnamese nail shops in America. Two and a half glorious hours.