GOEBBELS, HEINER: Eislermaterial

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Video of Heiner's excellent piece. Sorry but PAL format only. From the description of the CD: Heiner has studied, played, absorbed and reworked the music of Hans Eisler from his earliest performing days, and in this tribute, all that respect and immersion finds expression in an exquisite programme of arrangements, treatments and extensions that retain the strange intense fragility of EislerÕs melodic settings. No one else wrote tunes like this - at once so moving and so unsentimental. Wisely, Heiner chose an actor to sing, where singing was required, whose voice Š remarkably like EislerÕs own Š is just sufficiently untrained, human and fallible. Written in the worst of times, these pieces chronicle the transfiguration of despair into resistance, or at least a kind of beauty. ItÕs hard to imagine anyone other than Heiner succeeding so completely not only to respect and reflect upon EislerÕs work, but also to situate it in the present without bringing it in any way up to date. Admirably performed by an engaged Ensemble Modern.