ANTHEIL, GEORGE: Ballet Mecanique

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This is a first recording of a reconstruction of the earliest (1924) version for sixteen synchronised player pianos, 2 grand pianos, seven percussionists (4 xylophones, 4 bass drums, tam tam, pitched electric bells, siren and aeroplane propellers) which was never performed (because impossible at the time). It was a reduced version that caused such a sensation at its premiere in Paris. This realisation was made possible, finally, through computer and midi power (to co-ordinate those 16 player pianos). An historic recording of a groundbreaking work. The rest of the CD contains other pieces for player pianos, percussion and electronics by John Cage and Lou Harrisson, Richard Grayson, Amadeo Roldan and Felix Mendelssohn (a version of the presto from the 4th Symphony remade for 16 player pianos). Classic.