LOCKWOOD, ANNEA: Early Works 1967-82 The Glass World and Tiger Balm

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Using only Glass - in all shapes and forms, and subjected to all manner of soundings and playing techniques - Glass World was essentially a performance piece, premiered at the Middle Earth club in London in 1978, and then recorded over the next two years for Tangent Records. It is one of the iconic works of the period; constantly referenced, making this is a valuable document. Tiger Balm is a 1970 piece, made for the BBC using loops, drones, recordings of tigers, and other found sounds in an early, and successful attempt to create a hypnotic protean drone. Limited Edition reissue in gatefold cardboard sleeve with two booklets, one of substantial notes by Lockwood, the other 'Piano Transplants', which documents Lockwood's scores and events in which pianos were variously burned, sited in parks and gardens, sunk in ponds and anchored on beaches.