BRANT, HENRY: Orbits, Hieroglyphics 3, Western Springs

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Henry Brant, with over 100 "spatial" works in his portfolio, pioneer and maverick of the first water, is distinguished by the almost total lack of recordings of any of his works in print. In part, I suppose this is because "spacial music" - music where several orchestras, bands, choirs, soloists and so on are carefully arranged throughout an acoustic space with different conductors and tempi (so that the sound is truly 3 dimensional and not 2 dimensional, which is the best stereo can offer) - is by definition unreproduceable (DVD-surround sound, which is coming, will help). However, even in stereo this is vital and radical music. All praise then to CRI - for making at least these three works available. Orbits (1979) for 80 trombones, organ (played by the composer) and sopranino, Hieroglyphics 3, for viola, organ, vibraphone, piano, harpsichord, timpani, chimes and mezzo soprano and Western Springs for 2 Orchestras, 2 choirs and 2 Jazz Combos... Can you resist?