FERRARI, LUC: Acousmatrix - History of electronic music III

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An important collection consisting of Petite Symphonie -what Ferrari calls landscape music, layers of mobile organs, ocarinas (?) and other sounds inhabited by fragments of speech and the traces of local fauna and flora. Minimal means with powerfully evocative effects; then the glorious Strahoven, a 1985 full-on plunderphonic work made from recordings of Beethoven and Stravinsky; an indispensable piece of history - and bold as well as being dryly droll; Presqe rien avec filles - third in the Presque Rien series; enigmatic Tuscan soundscapes haunted by human fragments, storms and increasingly disruptive and violent electronic events implying some mysterious inchoate narrative process; and lastly Hétérozygote, an electroacoustic piece employing speech fragments, natural sounds, musical sounds and acoustic documents collected in diverse locations. An excellent signature collection from one of the masters.