COCTEAU: & la Musique

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A nicely produced and thoroughly documented CD from the Centre Pomipdou collecting representative works and extracts from Cocteau's major productions and principle collaborators, programmed to invoke a sound impression of that hopeful art milieu of 1920s Paris which so often featured Cocteau as its principle MC. Music from Satie, Honneger, Stravinsky, Poulenc, Milhaud, Tailleferre, Durey, Auric, Weill and Sacre - 26 short pieces that taken together explain more than individual, longer, pieces could hope to achieve. Includes the first recording of Satie's Boeuf Angora for orchestra and the scarce Sur les Bords de L'Issus. A collection, of dramatic, inventive, light, hopeful and eccentric music filled with ideas that flow easily and never strain for effect.