KIRALY, ERNO : Spectrum (dbl CD)

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Comprising one sound CD and one CD-ROM concert video. The sound part features predominantly Kiraly's writings for voice - a children's opera from 1963 and various songs and improvisations with Katalin Ladik, some with the Ensemble Acezantez. It's interesting historically and as contemporary vocal work from the 60's and '70's. But the CD gets into high gear with the bonus track - a tablophone solo from 1998 by Kiraly himself, which is astonishing. His instrument is already otherworldly (electrified, highly modified zithers) but his aesthetic is really sharp and on the edge (and the guy is in his eighties now). Think Fred Frith/Keith Rowe and then some. The CDROM is more artistic to look at than informative since it is dramatically lit and low resolution; still it's a good document, and fixes a great piece of music. For this 24+ minutes and the solo audio track the CD is already worth having. Kiraly is one of the few - and a pioneer. And he's still way ahead of people a quarter his age.