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57 short pieces or extracts covering the first 50 years of the work of the seminal Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, starting with Pierre Schaeffer(1948) and ending with Christian Zanesi (1998), selected and compiled by INA.GRM itself for a special edition of the rather obscure Italian Magazine Avidi Lumi, published by the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, which it accompanies. Of special note on the CDs are rarely heard works of Darius Milhaud Earl Brown, and Philippe Arthuys; otherwise it's a lexicon of essential names: Bayle, Ferrari, Henry, Parmegiani, Chion, Reibel, Dufour, Lejune, Schwarz, Malec, Racot, Pamerud, Xenakis, Terrugi, Leroux, Racot, Stockhausen, Ascione, Amy, Lariviere, Philippot, Canton, Smalley, Carso, Favotti, Boucourechliev,, Risset, Mion, Ceasar and Baillif. Very different Individual styles and the evolution of the new musical language over time are here both closely and usefully juxtaposed. The magazine in 5 languages has a good collection of visual material and various giving some background on French and Italian electronic music history, practice and institutions. These will be useful to specialists but are otherwise either very dry, overwritten or bland. And are poorly presented. The CD is the thing. [Price reflects the weight of the magazine and consequent postage costs. If you don't want the magazine, for the CD alone is listed at £15.50.]