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From 1964 to 1974 Henri Chopin edited and released a magazine dedicated to sound poetry, and with each included a record. This extraordinary box collects the works on all those records. For the most part we are not listening to familiar voices speaking or making noises: this was the age of the tape recorder and people were using tape, microphones, overload, distortion, environmental recordings, noise, overdubs - anything at all to make sound objects to tape; the voice as the centre but mostly not recognisable any more as a voice. There are some here who speak, or make sounds, repeat words - even tell stories, but the rest is in the world of musique concrete. Contributors include Henry Chopin himself, never less than extraordinary, Bryin Gysin, Charles Amirikhanian, Ake Hodell. Bernard Hedsieck, Ladislav Novak, Arthur Rimbaud, Bob Cobbing, Hugh Davies, Francois Dufrene, William Burroughs, Raoul Hausmann, Mimmo Rotella, Paul DeVree, Gil J Wolman and Emil Begt Johnson. The deep LP-sized box comes with a 70pp flatbound book, full of texts in English and French by Chopin - about the magazine, with details of each issue; photographs, other texts, manifestos and notes on the works (less complete than I'd like, no dates and places of recording usually, and not much about method). Then there is a half inch thick stack of single and LP gatefold size sheets with graphic texts, scores, visual poems, concert flyers, programmes and exhibition notes. It's a much needed record of material seldom heard and mostly ignored in other collections. For students, the curious and the adventurous. Limited Edition of 1000.Because of weight there will; be a 2 surcharge toward postage outside Europe.