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WORK, THE  The Work Live in Japan
WORK, THE The Work Live in Japan
In 1982, a one-off version of The Work went to Japan for a series of concerts - in the absence of regulars Rick Wilson and Mick Hobbs, Chris Cutler and L. Voag (as he was then known) filled in alongside regulars Tim Hodgkinson and Bill Gilonis. This recording was made at the last concert in Osaka, and the LP assembled from it came out later the same year, only in Japan, soon to go out of print and to remain so until now. This is a different and extremely in your face version of The Work, made more so by the recording, which brings everything forward and accentuates every punch and roar. Tim is in screaming form and the band take extreme liberties, somehow staying inside the songs they are systematically splitting them open and spitting them out. There's a lot going on here, in rapid succession, and yet somehow it remains uncluttered. Best taken loud (though, technically it sounds loud even when it's quiet), this recording is a nice example of what I like about certain live recordings - they have an energy and directedness (thanks to a lively public) that is quite impossible to capture in a studio. This CD Includes one piece never recorded by the official Euro Work, laconic spoken comments from Amos/Voag and the rare red flexi-disc version of 'I Hate America' by the same band from the same concert.

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