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New Titles

CURRAN, ALVIN: Endangered Species (Dbl CD)

Put on your shelf next to Derek Bailey’s Ballads and Ground Zero plays Standards ; Alvin takes the golden songbook on a tour through the badlands [a type of dry terrain characterized by ‘steep slopes, minimal vegetation, lack of a substantial ... more »

Code: 80804-2
Price: £30.00

RADULESCU, HORATIU: Works for Organ and Cello

One of the unsung geniuses of the C20, the Romanian/French spectralist Horatiu Radelescu used unconventional resources, extended techniques and microtonal shifts to work in a medium of texture and flux. The five pieces here are (variously) for organ; cello and t... more »

Code: MODE313
Price: £14.50

HODGKINSON, TIM: Under the Void

Three long and recent compositions: Under the Void, scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, bass, piano and percussion, here virtually realised; Then, for virtual strings, brass, woodwinds, accordion and piano -combined... more »

Code: ReRTH4
Price: £12.50

AFTER DINNER: Souvenir Cassette and other live Adventures

A Limited Edition reissue of the original commemorative cassette released only to subscribers of the first Recommended After Dinner LP – a collection of exquisite live interpretations of the songs, recorded on the band’s first European tour (itself a tec... more »

Code: ReRADR1
Price: £5.00

CUTLER, CHRIS: Missing Chapters Vol. 4

Latest in the series of very limited edition CDRs I make every year for a nameless club in Japan. I just but also older unreleased work. This time there are extracts from three very different duos with Vitor Rua (the metal years), Tim Hodgkinson and Thomas Dimuzio, ... more »

Code: CC4/100
Price: £15.00

HENRY COW: Bonus CD and Booklet

For those with the original boxes, not to force you to buy the whole set just to get the extra booklet and bonus CD , you will be able to order these separately for £18. HENRY COW SUBSCRIPTION EDITION HENRY Cow BOX REDUX:  T... more »

Code: BonusCD/Booklet
Price: £18.00

THE WATTS: Decoherence

The Watts are Tim Hodginson, Yumi Hara & Chris Cutler. The trio assembled for a tour in Japan in 2017 and are still delighting audiences everywhere (maybe). This is their first recording, compiled from concerts in London and Bourgoin-Jaileu; mastered by Yasushi... more »

Code: BAR009
Price: £14.50


A meeting that had to happen: the clash of tradition and experiment has been the distinguishing signature style of both protagonists, and they arenít holding back on this rather unusual record. Pauloís virtuosity - and his customised, cello-sized, extended and prepa... more »

Code: AmA RERPA12
Price: £12.50

FRITH, FRED: Woodwork

This well-recorded solo concert in Brussels last year offers a good opportunity to drop in on Fred’s unfolding solo vocabulary and spend three-quarters of an hour carried along in his enveloping wake. We’re done with the fireworks and gun-slinging now and ... more »

Code: GG308
Price: £14.50

MYERS, DAVID: Prototype of the Veil

We have just a handful of copies of this new CD by David Lee Myers (aka Arcane Device) and his no-input array that eavesdrops on the extraordinary things electrons do when locked into quasi-controllable feedback loops. Not just something from nothing but something w... more »

Code: pw009
Price: £14.50