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Home » Full Catalogue » HERATIUS CORPORATION, ARRMAND FRIGICO: Pataphysical Power.

Nowadays any Thomas, Thierry or Aymeric can record a selection of strange musical fragments and get them out there but, back in the 1970s, you had to be serious, dedicated and determined and ready to do all the work and take all the risk yourself - to release something like this. Heratius Corp released one LP: Gwendoline (which ReR distributed at the time), in 1978. It garnered one magazine review, entered the cult lexicon and disappeared for 36 years. A second LP was made but never released until now; its added to sideo one, which becomes, as it were, a double LP. Although it was a band, and did concerts (Henry Cow I recall played with them in Avignon in 1976) the music was exploded: a collection of bits and pieces, experiments compiled and then left to fend for themselves, fragments that investigated some sonic possibility, unaligned to any particular musical style, and then moved on. It makes interesting listening now. The second CD is filled with work by the guitarist and singer Armand Miralles, for whom Faust and The Residents were an influence (theres a kind-of tribute to Sunshine Girl here) but mostly these are more finished songs, with pretty ordinary art/electropop accompaniments. Of cultural rather than musical interest, Id say. But CD 1 is a document worth investigating, at least for what it says about the fringe aesthetics of the time.

Price: £18.75