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Home » Full Catalogue » TURNER, LLOYD: Hints

For guitar and piano mainly, sometimes with bass and some kind of synthesised keyboard, these exquisite and deceptively simple pieces are rather like underwater plant fronds, drifting in an uncertain current. Delicate but with deep roots, they fill space in large part because of the beautifully modulated quality of the recording which gives the instrumental sounds depth, body, space and clarity - they seem neither quite acoustic nor quite electric. The pieces are slow, harmonic, melodic and far from obvious - and there is some extraordinary processing going on, especially in the low end, as well as some subtle detuning. It adds up to a music that comes without any precedent I can refer to but that may be an acquired taste. It certainly lives or dies by the immediate impression it makes; the rest is somehow elusive. Very interesting work. In 26 minutes, it makes its statement and leaves. Worth your time.

Code: turnerLloydHints
Price: £5.00