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BRIAN WOODBURY: Town and Country
BRIAN WOODBURY: Town and Country
A great record. Just a handful of people on the planet are still working at this level of commitment with mainstream form, slightly twisted – believing, I can only assume, it to be the path to a kind of sublime - a modest perfection that marries great writing, inspired arrangements, sharp texts, ambiguous affect and exquisite delivery. Shapiro is a great singer and he has the measure of these complex songs; country and pop - like Van Dyke Parks is rock show music; you tell me. This CD delivers many-times repeatable pleasures, with great arrangements that involve some 31 contributors in various combinations, including Marc Doten and Michael Webster who, with Woodbury again, were the main arrangers behind the classic Joe Moe’s Headland. This is a rare thing, flawless, intelligent, great mainstream music. Craft.

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