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MOORE, R. STEVIE: Delicate Tension
Very welcome reissue of this classic collection of (mostly) songs from a criminally neglected master of pop. I mean pop in the best possible sense. A series of eccentric, but entirely plausible gems, each with enough ideas, imaginative playing, devious studio work and detail to fill a side. Every song a short story or a miniature play. This is a breathtaking parade of mild mannered hits, just a stone's throw from the telephone booth. So, why didn't RSM ever get the Emmys he deserves? It's a good question. Probably because he's too smart, too original, too funny and way too eccentric. Still the pleasure is here for those that want to listen. Infectious, addictive, and unique. In addition to the classic LP there is the EP Stance, and 6 previously unreleased pieces.

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Price: £14.50