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Home » Video » FISCHINGER, OSKAR (1921 - 1626): Volume 2

FISCHINGER, OSKAR (1921 - 1626): Volume 2
11 more groundbreaking pieces; the first - the Wax Experiments - dates from 1921-1926, the last from 1952 - A TV commercial for Muntz, employing again his Motion Painting technique. There is also Munchen-Berlin Wanderung, a piece never shown publicly, Muratti Privat (variations on the celebrated cigarette commercial), Studie No.5 (1930), Studie No. 9 and Studie No.12 as well as Komposition in Blau (1935), in which many new techniques were explored (it won multiple prizes), American March and Organic Fragment, from 1941, and his Mutascope Reels (1945). VHS PAL. With excellent notes in a 24 pp booklet in French and English.F

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