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SUN RA: Live in London (dbl)
SUN RA: Live in London (dbl)
The legendary Queen Elizabeth Hall concert from1970. This was the full-scale Arkestra on its first European visit, and a concert that has resonated down the years. “ of the most spectacular concerts ever to be held in this country”, according to David Toop in ‘Ocean of Sound’. Included are Walking on the Moon, Outer Spaceways Inc., The Shadow World, Watusi, Stargazers, Life is Splendid, Second Stop is Jupiter, It’s After the End of the World a couple of Moog solos and 5 untitled pieces. The sound is not the best though - it’s a room recording and pretty lo-fi - but the sweep and scope and energy are there. For aficionados rather than beginners, but a welcome addition to the archive.

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Price: £15.00