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GOSFIELD, ANNIE: Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery
American national treasures Annie Gosfield and Roger Kleier present 2 classic pieces, the title track and the amazing EWA7. LetŐs start with the second, a serious, industrial - and undeniably musical - composition made of one or other species of noise. Developed in the course of a 6 week Art and Industry residency in the factories of Nuremburg, this sets a standard for any machine or industrial music. It may sound like factories, railheads, sparks and smoke but itŐs played by human beings (with some sampled machinery). ItŐs a great ensemble: Annie herself (samples), Roger Kleier (electric guitar, treated), Ikue Mori and two other percussionists, Jim Pugilese and Sim Cain (playing a lot of metal and machine parts as well as more standard drums). Clean, often poundingly rhythmical but unusual at every turn, this is just a classic work. The title track, played by the Flux (string) quartet and the Talujon (percussion) quartet was written a little later, with the machines still very much in mind. Closely notated for two quartets, this is wholly convincing music. Excellent notes, nice package. You probably want to buy this.

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Price: £15.25