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HODGKINSON, TIM: Under the Void
HODGKINSON, TIM: Under the Void
Three long and recent compositions: Under the Void, scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, 2 violins, 2 violas, cello, bass, piano and percussion, here virtually realised; Then, for virtual strings, brass, woodwinds, accordion and piano -combined with real Siberian frame drums, gongs, viola, electronics, bowed cymbals, lap steel guitar and Yamaha DX21 keyboard assembled by ear in the studio, not from a score, and Ortemchei, scored and assembled from parts of a live performance by Chris Cutler (percussion), Angharad Davies (violin), Edward Lucas (trombone), Mayah Kadish (violin), Alex Paxton (trombone), Lucy Railton (cello), Gwen Reed (bass), Mark Sanders (percussion), Yoni Silver (bass clarinet) and Otto Willberg (bass) – admixed with virtual instruments variously processed and Tim’s additionally recorded bass clarinet, strings, and percussion. A fascinating, full spectrum, journey through inner and/or outer spaces populated with large and small islands of colour/matter/geometry/ timbre and their intimations of scale/distance/
dynamic/familiarity. It’s an iconoclastic hybrid of materials - real and virtual, imaginary and observed - that works effectively to the advantage of the ear. Tim’s onto something here, I think.

Code: ReRTH4
Price: £5.00