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THE REMOTE VIEWERS: Notes Lost in a FIeld
THE REMOTE VIEWERS: Notes Lost in a FIeld
For about 20 years now David Petts (tenor sax) and Adrian Northover (soprano sax) have worked steadily on a very consistent and high-level corpus, with new records almost every year. They started as a trio, but over years The Remote Viewers had different extended line-ups. Since their last one, however - ‘Last Man in Europe’ (2018) - they returned to the trio format. They continue inthis line-up and even changed their name into Remote Viewers Trio, suggesting this might be a stable unit for the coming times. We will see. Again John Edwards joins on bass as the third member. The CD gives room to 15 short works, most of the compositions by David Petts. Five of them resulted from group improvisation. Like the opening track, ‘You Won’t Hear The Bullets’, thathas the three producing a tight and long extended bundle of noisy sounds. In contrast the second track ‘The Lighthouse’ is a modest work, starting with a delicate intro by Edwards. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure David Petts doesn’t take part in other musical projects besides his one. He doesn’t leave his musical world very often, what illustrates or partly explains why this music has such a strong individual identity. Surely this is due to the idiosyncratic and strict compositional language of Petts and all dedication that is implied here. Northover however regularly appears in other musical projects. He worked with Pierre Bastien, Steve Noble, Marcello Magliocchi, among others. The title track ‘Notes lost in a Field has them in their most melodic and lyrical shape. Moreover, we find them performing very precise and to the point in the typical constructions delivered by Petts. Compositions, which are adventurous and distinct on one hand and very disciplined and sober on the other hand. As ever Petts refrains from all ornaments and unnecessary gestures. Defining a clear space for inspired improvisations as well. Excellent and inspiring

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