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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » SOURCE RECORDS 1 -6: Music of the Avant Garde 1968 -1971 (Triple CD)

SOURCE RECORDS 1 -6: Music of the Avant Garde 1968 -1971 (Triple CD)
A 3 CD reissue of the celebrated 6 x 10" LP set that came with the New Music journal Source in 1973.

It's an all-star cast: Works by Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Larry Austin, Allan Bryant, Alvin Lucier, Arthur Woodbury, Mark Reiner, Stanley Lunetta, Lowell Cross, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Alvin Curran and Annea Lockwood, and performances by the above and Gordon Mumma, David Tudor, Fred Rzsewski and Kurt Bischoff. Some well known classics appear: Robert Ashley's Wolfman, David Behrman's Wave Train, Alvin Lucier's I am Sitting in a Room, Annea Lockwood's Tiger Balm and Alvin Curran's Magic Carpet. There qre a few pieces exploring the new PDP 10 computer, and interesting works for invented, modified or electrified instruments, sound sculptures and pure electronics. These are historic recordings, there is plenty of variety and there are many excellent pieces included. Electricity plays the starring rôle.

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Price: £27.50