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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » FRANÇOIS-BERNARD M_CHE: L'Estuaire du Temps, Braises, Andromède

FRANÇOIS-BERNARD M_CHE: L'Estuaire du Temps, Braises, Andromède
Three interesting and highly evolved pieces that explore sound and its organisation with enviable skill. L'Estuaire, scored for computer and large orchestra (not that you could tell the difference for much of the time; or even recognise the source of a great deal of the sound) seems to tell a story, hovering between music and an objectified conflict of motion and stasis. Braises, for amplified harpsichord and orchestra takes fire as its topic, but it is the earlier work (1979) Andromède that most radically explores the grey territory between the extension of conventional musical forces and the powerful influence of an electronic/concrete listening and organising aesthetic. Scored for three pianos, large orchestra and double chorus, it works with blocks, textures and contrasts and alternates what are recognisable 'contemporary' music devices with moments of authentic strangeness. Perhaps more interesting than successful, but still it has something to say.

Code: MFA216034
Price: £14.50