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KOVAC, BORIS: Catalogue of memories
KOVAC, BORIS: Catalogue of memories
In over 30 years of meticulous and inspired work Boris has evolved a compositional style that is both simple and timeless; rooted in his own locality and universal. Thatís a rare gift. And his small, dedicated, ensemble produces an exquisite, floating exposition that is both intimate and impersonal - equally rare. This is great, timeless, music. Its resources are drawn from the classical, folk and jazz intrumentaria: a string quartet, saxophone, piano, harp, contrabass, accordion Ė minimal percussion, occasional guitar and trombone - but the music itself falls into no generic camp. Itís contemplative, spiritual and definitively Balkan - trying to make itself heard over the din of hedonism and fear that passes for mainstream culture. It wonít be to every taste, but itís honest and itís not trying to please. It seems rather to be clearing away whatís superfluous and getting right to the point. Nicely presented, 24 page colour book. Limited quantity L

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