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THE WATTS: Decoherence
THE WATTS: Decoherence

The Watts are Tim Hodginson, Yumi Hara & Chris Cutler. The trio assembled for a tour in Japan in 2017 and are still delighting audiences everywhere (maybe). This is their first recording, compiled from concerts in London and Bourgoin-Jaileu; mastered by Yasushi Utsunomiya. The Watts make this stuff up as they go along but it seems to have undeniable form. There are songs; of a sort - and there are a lot of unidentifiable sounds, extended techniques, pedal work, preparations…. But still the result seems determinedly organic, contra-virtual and human (with frailties). Not really comparable to anything I can refer you to: purposeful but baffling – there’s a logic there but it’'s hard to nail down. Radical. Nicely recorded. Nicely mastered. Perhaps six point five on the Richter Scale.

Code: BAR009
Price: £5.00