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MCCB: Things from the Past
MCCB: Things from the Past
Collects together all the releases of all the various, mostly connected, groups fronted by Henry Cow's Geoff Leigh: - Red Balune, The Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkhest and The Black Sheep -, as well as his own legendary solo EP 'Chemical Bank'. Some of this is as wild as it gets (Loek Van Saus' 'Spider in love', originally released in a brown paper bag and now a rare collector's item, stands out). Much is sharp and exquisitely recorded (at the celebrated Sunrise Studio in Switzerland), and all of it is uncompromisingly left-field, engaged, funny (in a grim sort of a way), inventive and faithful to the short pop song format - however stretched. And it gets pretty stretched. Mainly covering a very fruitful three years (1978-1981), with a couple of later tracks, 2 of them previously unreleased. Comes with a useful, Informative booklet with fine photographs and lyrics. A nice package altogether.

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Price: £5.00