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MENTER, WILL: Always Sound. (Book + 3 CDs).
MENTER, WILL: Always Sound. (Book + 3 CDs).
A 200 page book of photographs, texts and documents, including three CDs, drawn from the soundworks but recomposed as three related but internally coherent compositions. A contemporary of Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy, Menter is one of a handful of sound artists with strong links to the land art movement. Now best known for installations that explore the untransformed sounds of natural materials, wood, slate, water, ceramics, stone and air, he also collaborates regularly on cross-platform projects with dancers Aurore Gruel and Mure Natale, and ceramicist Jane Norbury - with whom he has developed many of his sound sculptures and performances since 2000. He came to this work in steps: between 1975 and the early ‘80s, he was a driving force behind the Bristol Musicians’ Co-operative, investigating novel approaches to improvisation and varieties of multimedia collaboration; within a decade, his work had extrapolated to the point at which his music and sculpture had become inextricably entwined. Intermediate projects included Cān Y Graig (Slate Voices) which explored the world of slate, and the quarries of North Wales (also featuring the first extensive use of his slate marimbas); and Strong Winds and Soft Earth Landings for which he worked with a group of Zimbabwean artists, extrapolating the sounds and principles of the mbira. In 1998 he relocated to France, where he still lives and works. Due to weight and punitive postage costs, please add £7 for shipping to Europe, and £14 to the rest of the world.

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