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Home » Drums » MAGMA: Concert 1976 - Opera De Reims (triple CD)

MAGMA: Concert 1976 - Opera De Reims (triple CD)
Same band as Magma Live (except 2nd piano now Patrick Gauthier). CD 1 contains an ok version of J.Top's 'De Futura' for the first time (I wonder what happened to mass band version from Nancy a year earlier) and an improvisation followed by a drum solo. CD 2 has further versions of Kontarkosz and Theusz Hamtaahk (I think you'll continue to listen to the ones on Live and Retrospektiw I, II) which were previously released {bootlegged?} on 'Kiss 11' and CD 3 has yet another Mekanik (the 7Tth ?) and again, it's different and excellent - and clear, especially Vander's part- a study version (+long noisy solo). Special mention for the prodigious Bernard Paganotti.

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Price: £21.75