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Home » Classic in Field » MUSICA ELETRONICA VIVA: MEV40

Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) - the live-electronic/electroacoustic Amercan/Italian counterpart of AMM was founded one evening in the spring of 1966 in a room in Rome. Members at various times have been Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum, Karl Berger, Allan Bryant, Steve Lacy, George Lewis, Garrett List, Carol Plantamura, Gregory Reeve and Ivan Vandor. Their importance is hard to underestimate. The contents of this box, selected by core members Curran, Rzewski, and Teitelbaum, cover the best recordings: SpaceCraft, Stop the War, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Pt. 1, Kunstmuseum, Bern, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Pt. 2, New Music America Festival, Ferrara, Italy, Mass. Pike. L

Code: 80675(4CDset)
Price: £36.00