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MAGMA DVD: Myths & Legends Vol 1
The first of a series of 4 DVDs that document the legendary 4 week occupation of 'Le Triton' in Paris, during which the entire history of Magma's music was presented by both the current band and members of the old. Vol 1, part 1 contains early pieces, with a single keyboard and the redoubtable Klaus Blasqiz singing - a pleasure to see him again - with new and elaborate brass arrangements. The second half moves into more familiar territory with Theusz Hamtaahk. It's clear what a leap this is. Contents: Malaria Staoh, Iss Lansei Doia, Aurae, Kobaia, Theusz Hamtaahk part 1, Sowiloi and Kmxb12.

125 minutes. All regions

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Price: £18.50