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KUBISCH, CHRISTINA: Magnetic Flights
Continuing her investigations into, and documentations of, the normally inaudible electromagnetic fields through which advanced urban civilians daily swim - Christina here uses material collected entirely from international airports and planes in flight. All the familiar sounds, the sounds occupying frequencies that excite the human ear, are suppressed, so that we hear only what is happening in an electronic space normally inaccessible to us - produced by hotspots, wi-fi antennae, occupants of radio spectra, security and other electronic devices – made audible through listening (and recording) devices appropriately attuned. This CD – a stereo reduction of an 8-channel installation - tracks the information gathered by an electromagnetic ear in departure areas, during flights and landings, and at arrival zones around the world. These electronic sounds are epiphenomenal, captured, not made or built, so they have a logic, grain and structure that exists outside – and indeed resists – a human aesthetic; something like the sonic equivalent of Van Leeuwenhoek applying his first microscope to pond water and discovering a universe of animalcules and seething life-forms never seen until that moment. Or even imagined. It’s not a toe-tapper, but in the context of its provenance, it offers a fascinating and strangely musical experience; as well as a slightly spooky intimation of the secret life of machines. L

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Price: £14.50