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Home » Test » HENRITZI, MICHAEL: Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism

HENRITZI, MICHAEL: Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism
Four pieces dedicated to Derek Bailey in a non-standard package and a postcard sized booklet that muses, in a language that is almost English, very interestingly and passionately on improvisation and its loss of power (the difficulties of language probably aid concentration on the text, which has not been corrected by anyone with English as a mother tongue but, somehow, in the whole context, this seems to contribute to the overall impact of the package). The improvisations are all virtual duos with Henritizi. The other participants, Shin'itchi Isohata (guitar) in Kobe, Bruce Russell (guitar) in New Zealand, Mattin (guitar) in Berlin, and Taku Unami (laptop) in Tokyo sent their contributions to France, where Henritzi recorded his acoustic guitar, hammer, electric saw and jack plug. The results are radical, the first three pieces especially - each strong in itself and, as a set, varied and convincing. I find the last piece, with laptop and jack plug, the least interesting - laptops are very often a problem for me; there's a certain passivity; a narrowness and lack of character in the sound, so that the jackplug playing stands out by contrast. Still, that's not enough. Nonetheless, a persuasive and serious release.

Code: henritziRowe
Price: £14.50