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» SKELETON CREW: Free Dirt (live double CD)

SKELETON CREW: Free Dirt (live double CD)
SKELETON CREW: Free Dirt (live double CD)

Skeleton Crew was formed in 1982 by Tom Cora and Fred Frith. The plan was to see how far things could be stretched technically and compositionally in a rock kind of way, but with just two people playing everything at once a bit like the Incredible String Band in their heyday. Fred played bass, guitar, violin, keyboard, cassette-player and various drums usually at least two of the above at the same time, and Tom played cello, bass, cassette and some other drums, likewise. So the two were four with a drum kit between them. They tore through ideas, one after the other and experimented a lot with compositional form. Always on the move.  In the second iteration the duo was augmented by Zeena Parkins on electric harp, keyboards, accordion and yet more drums. These two CDs, painstakingly assembled from nine gigs, originally recorded on cassettes in Europe, Canada and America, offer a rare record not only of the band but of the temper of the times. CD1 features the short-lived exploratory trio (with Dave Newhouse, winds, keyboards, more drums) and the duo. CD two, with generally better quality recordings, collects the trio with Zeena. Compiled, cleaned up and annotated by Fred

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