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Home » Eccentric » SELFISH, BING: The Last of the Bohemians

SELFISH, BING: The Last of the Bohemians
Grizzled, desperate and hoarse from decades of abuse, but with his shirts still washed and ironed, Bing is back with a dubiously legal version of his legendary MTV 'unplugged' debacle. Confounding the critics who said his sybaritic lifestyle would see him under the ground by the age of 35, Bing manages here to get through 12 new songs that make Huysman's Des Esseintes look like a brickie. The iniquities of modern life are not shirked, weary good advice is given, obscure topics are pointlessly aired as if they mattered. A national treasure (and therefore resident in Spain) Bing just won't give up. Your purchase will be tax deductible. Special Offer

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Price: £13.50