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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » ZURRIA, MANUEL: Repeat! (3 CD set)

ZURRIA, MANUEL: Repeat! (3 CD set)
Flautist Zurria performs (records) pieces for the flute family (C, G & Bass) by Louis Andreissen, Alvin Lucier, Tom Johnson, Morton Feldman, Jonathan Harvey, Arvo Part, Kevin Volans. Laszlo Sary, Luc Ferrari, Aldo Clementini, Stefano Scodanobbio, Salvatore Schiarrino, John Cage, Viktor Ekimovsky and Zoltan Jeney which mostly involve multi-tracking (2-6 times) and/or the addition of other elements (variously: bottles, glasses, tapes, amplification, oscillators, synthesisers and a couple of harpsichords. Feldman, Ekimovsky, Feldman Jeney and Scodanibbio stand out. An interesting and unusual collection, very nicely packaged.

Code: ZEITC01
Price: £28.00