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Home » Classic in Field » PROVINI, HERVE: Biological and Chaotic Music

PROVINI, HERVE: Biological and Chaotic Music
Insufficient sleeve notes are provided to this very interesting record for drums and computer based on bio-mathematical alogrithms. On the "Biological" tracks the computer plays piano and the effect is mysterious and very engaging - sets of rhythms and counter rhythms sounding like conventional kit and piano played in real time but indefinably unjazzy - un-anything - while remaining exiting and highly musical. The 2 "Chaotic" pieces have the computer also playing flute-sounds and a greater complexity of structure and simultaneous lines. All manner of musics emerge and submerge as it unfolds in its protean shape-shifting course. I think this is an important and exemplary record. Maximum stars. L

Code: UTR4116
Price: £14.50