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» MUSICA URBANA: Musica Urbana

MUSICA URBANA: Musica Urbana
MUSICA URBANA: Musica Urbana
Back in print, this timeless classic captures a moment in the mid ‘70s when Spain was musically one of the most interesting places in Europe, not that anyone was paying much attention. Sometimes everything comes together in a perfect way and this record is an instance of that - I speak personally. It’s a record that accepts influence but processes it in a wholly original and personal way, emerging as something seemingly from nowhere - strongly Spanish, entirely contemporary, compositionally unique, complex - and exquisitely played. You can listen to this 1000 times and you’ll always hear something new and still not get to the bottom of it. Formed by composer and keyboardist Joan Albert Amargos (now a celebrated contemporary composer and conductor) and bassist Carles Benavent (who went on to work with Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Paco de Lucia &c.) they took on other musicians as needed, choosing, I have to say, exceptionally well from a great pool of talent - to wit: drummer Salvador Font, without whose impeccable technique and complete mastery of dynamics, this record might have only been great. He makes high complexity sound with sound easy and natural. A one-off. If jazz-rock had been more like this I might have liked it. A classic, get it while it’'s in print.

Price: £14.50