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SUN RA: The Eternal Myth: The early Music History Of Sun Ra Part 1 1921-1958 (14 CD boxed set and pa
This extraordinary project is the first part of a comprehensive musical biography of Sun Ra - the product of many years dedicated work and assembly by Michael Anderson, ex Arkestra drummer and director of the Sun Ra archive. With substantial spoken introductions to every section narrated by Sun Ra himself, the box follows his early influences through to his first recorded composition (1933) Ė and then goes on through the numerous collaborations, arrangements for third parties, later influences, church organ recordings and rehearsals with Stuff Smith (1948), rehearsals and concerts with the Sonny Blount Trio (1949), Ra sings standards (1949), first recordings with Pat Patrick (1952), The Nu Sounds DooWop rehearsals (1954), the Sun Ra Bebop Band, his band with Billy Hawkins (both 1956), some early Arkestra rehearsals, Supersonic Jazz (1956) and finally ĎSun Ra and his men from Space play pop hits liveí from 1958 - the year this first box ends, passing a treasure house of rarities and obscurities en route . Moreover, this solid and profound collection doesnít just tell the story of one manís musical history but picks out a vital thread that runs through the tapestry of black popular music in the first half of the C20. Ra was never a crazy eccentric, more a shrewd observer, who took his own road but kept his eye on the traffic. He speaks eloquently here and with great charm, about his life, work, musical evolution and the landmarks and byways of an emergent cultural language of which he was an important part. With around 30 hours of rare music and speech, much never published until now and most of the rest so obscure and eclectic that itís pretty unlikely any of it will be familiar, this is an unprecedented and historically invaluable collection. It comes in a box with a 5" x 5" flat-bound paperback book, stuffed with rare photographs, ephemera, documentation and gathered information. And itís praiseworthily and idealistically amazingly cheap.

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Price: £75.00