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Home » Art-Historic » SUN RA: Palomino; duo with Don Cherry; Interview

SUN RA: Palomino; duo with Don Cherry; Interview
1. The large ensemble concert at the Palomino (N.Hollywood) kicks off with a contrebass and guitar duo, quickly unleashing Marshall Allen who gets the show moving; it ends with an all-singing version of 'we travel the Spaceways'. Recorded as a basic video with one camera and a zoom, but with good sound, this is a late '80s concert built of big, organised blocks of material - blues; jazz; standards - all ramified in Arkestra style. Three dancers come and go, and the band is having fun. And there are some surprises: Ra singing a big band version of 'Beautiful Love', a very long, and pretty wild, 'Halloween in Harlem', replete with spooky laughter and Voodoo dances and general horror movie larking about. 2. The duo with Don Cherry is not given a date or place, though it's probably also from the '80's, possibly a TV recording (fades and superimposes &c), though this copy is grainy. The interview extract is a gem, with Ra very much on form (it's interesting he never makes eye contact and mostly looks half away from both interviewer and camera). The interviewer is generous and complimentary, but clearly can't handle the answers he gets. Like all these transparency DVDs, if you are a Sun Ra fan, you will want it. Information consists of three poems by Ra. 93 Minutes.

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